Freedom Vs. Equality — Why they are Directly Opposed

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Now more than ever, we are being preached lessons of freedom and equality. We are told of a perfect society where anyone can do anything and everyone will retain equality. The only problem is that this is fundamentally a lie.

When you really think about it, true freedom not only can’t exist with true equality, but they both are constantly engaged in total war — for one to have control, the other must be suppressed.

Obviously, there are certain equalities and freedoms that are god-given and are exempt from this argument — all humans should be afforded the same basic, fundamental human rights, regardless of race or sex. After all, we all bleed red.

Despite that, my argument, at a high level at the very least, remains intact, and is best explained with an example. Say, for example, Gerold is very physically inclined. He’s 6’6”, very fast, very strong, and can put on muscle very easily. He’s been active his entire life, playing football all throughout high school, which he excelled at.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, is less physically inclined. Although he’s still tall at 5’10”, he’s short relative to Gerold. He’s kind of fast, but not incredibly noteworthy. Jeffrey is also very lanky, and has a hard time putting on muscle. The best comparison I can make for Jeffrey is that he is, essentially, a human spaghetti noodle.

Gerold and Jeffrey both go to the same college, and there is a tackle football event being hosted by the student body. Now, there are two scenarios — Scenario A, where freedom prevails, and Scenario B, where equality prevails.

In Scenario A, Gerold will crush Jeffrey like a bug under the heel of a boot. Simply, Jeffrey can’t stand up to the physical might of Gerold.

Scenario B is a little different. In the name of equality, the student body aims to make everything as fair as possible. Because of this, they make Gerold wear a weighted vest, and make a rule — Gerold does not need to be tackled to be counted as down; he only needs to be touched.

Although this is a somewhat extreme example, the principle remains the same. Examples of this can even be seen on a global political scale.

In capitalist countries, such as the US, freedom is a given. Our entire nation is based around it. We came to exist because the early colonists felt they weren’t free under King George III.

Because of this, there are large disparities in many different areas. Everyone is free to operate within the bounds of the law and because of this there is fundamental inequality. Some citizens will succeed in areas where others won’t. The people are free, not equal.

In Communist countries, where money (in theory) is divided equally among the masses, there is fundamentally less freedom. This is because you do not have direct control over your assets, and, regardless of skill or any inherent qualities, the masses will all achieve the same level of success.

So in order to create freedom, we must deal with the fact that there will be inequalities, and to create equality, we need to inhibit freedom. Obviously, there are such things as compromises, and extreme scenarios such as the Gerold scenario will likely never happen.

Despite this, there will always be more freedom or more equality — a 50/50 balance wouldn’t exist. The question is, now: would you rather have more freedom, or more equality?

My Answer:

Without a doubt, I’d choose freedom, for one reason — any extreme equality would be fake.

Any attempt to create equality will result in subjugating those with the advantage. Simply, there is no way to augment height, strength, or a bank account. Thus, in order to create equality, it will be stripped from those who have a greater quantity of those things. This will not create “true” equality, but will instead create a sense of equality, a faux-equality, so to speak.

And that is the key for me — true equality can’t ever happen in this world because it’d be fake.

Some are more inclined to be accountants, others artists. It’s a fact that the average male is physically stronger than the average female. It’s also true that females tend to be more creative and display emotion better than males.

Humans are unique. We thrive on difference, and celebrating those differences. People with other views on the world push us to think freely, to push the boundaries of our very existence. Our difference is our greatest strength, and inhibiting difference is the most heinous of crimes.

Evolution made us unequal — why fight mother nature?

What Do You Think?

I urge you, the reader, to think deeply about this question, and try to free yourselves from what you were told to think by others. Self-reflect, and really, really think — this is an important question. Your answer reveals a lot about you, and about how you view the world. That’s all and thanks for reading!

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