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Scenario → Action → Output, Scenario → Action → Output, Scenario → Action → Output. Over, and over, and over again. That’s what life is. A series of Scenarios, actions, and outputs, repeating endlessly. Everything can be looked at in terms of this infinite loop.

*** This Article is entirely conceptual and was written for a Hackathon. Please keep this in mind as you read.

Healthcare is something that everybody needs — but it can be clunky, and inefficient. If you’re feeling unhealthy and showing symptoms of any given ailment, the go-to course of action for most is to go to the doctor’s office. You get a diagnosis, prescribed medication if you need it, then you go back home. Problem solved.

Unfortunately, the process of diagnosing a patient and prescribing medicine is rarely so cut and dry. It’s based on the observations of a doctor…

We’ve all heard of AI. Most of us have heard that AI can be used for image detection — but how?

Mainly, we use Convolutional Neural Networks, or CNNs for short, for image detection. This is because it is most suited for such tasks. CNNs are capable of analyzing 2D and 3D arrays (theoretically, CNNs can analyze arrays of any dimension, although real-life data for 5D arrays is impractical).

But how do CNNs work?

It’s pretty simple, when you think about it.

First, we take our data, which will likely be an image. The image is processed as necessary —…

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Recently, I’ve been going down an AI Rabbit Hole. It started out by just watching Youtube videos and reading articles, but eventually, I came accross a facet of AI that really, really intrigued, not just because of how interesting the concept is, but also because of the potential uses it may have. It’s known as Reinforcement Learning.

Overview of Artificial Intelligence:

To start, we need to understand what exactly Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. AI is a pretty blanket term — it’s the science of making intelligent machines, especially computer programs. …

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Process is defined as steps taken in order to achieve any given or particular end. Everything in the entire universe is the result of following or going through a process. For example, rocks are shaped by the process of weathering and erosion.

Essentially, processes are very important. And yet, for our survival, our brains are hardwired for instant results. We need, as a species, instant gratification. A caveman needs food now, not three months from now.

This evolutionary aspect of our species, while critical for our primitive survival, is actually a detriment to an individual hoping to thrive in modern…

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People I’ve talked to all seem to desire one thing — the secret. The secret to wealth, the secret to happiness, the secret to getting a good grade. The secret to life. After all, there must be something that separates those who win from those who lose.

Well, there isn’t one singular secret — there are only tools that can be used to propel an individual to success. Creating good habits, being productive, knowing how to learn effectively. …

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Now more than ever, we are being preached lessons of freedom and equality. We are told of a perfect society where anyone can do anything and everyone will retain equality. The only problem is that this is fundamentally a lie.

When you really think about it, true freedom not only can’t exist with true equality, but they both are constantly engaged in total war — for one to have control, the other must be suppressed.

Obviously, there are certain equalities and freedoms that are god-given and are exempt from this argument — all humans should be afforded the same…

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To change your life, you need to know what shapes it. Well, what does shape it?

The answer is actually, very, very simple, and there are just two major things. Humans are a product of their environment and their experiences. Last week, I wrote an article about how one’s environment plays an important role in life. An example of this is Sherman Alexie, a Native American author. As most Native Americans do, he lived on a reservation and many of his friends did not read very well. However, Sherman’s father loved books, and so Sherman was surrounded by books. Because…

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What makes people unique? What shapes each individual into who they are today? Each human is shaped by their environment. This is a critical part of each human being’s unique traits and flaws.

For example, if one is raised in an environment with a heavy emphasis on books, or has many book-based experiences, they are more likely to love reading and writing. Take Sherman Alexie, for example. He is an indigenous author, and grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. There, not many knew how to read, and were expected to act dumb in front of the non-Indian folk (see…

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